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Shibori is the Japanese art of binding,tying,twisting, stitching, or wrapping fabric in preparation for the dyeing process. Kumo means "spider" in Japanese and kumo shibori is a specific binding technique which results in a spiderweb pattern when the dyed fabric is unbound. I am interested in the bound form of the fabric and the threatening yet benign quality it possesses.

joshua craig, unique brooch, sperm jewelry, lazzarine, mixed media jewelry
Sterling silver, African blackwood, kumo shibori silk, copper, cubic zirconia
1 x 3 x .75"
kumo shibori, brooch for ebendorf, five star jewelry,
Copper, kumo shibori silk, sterling silver, glass beads
1 x 1 x 2.5"
silver ring, mixed media ring, lazzarine, kumo shibori
Kumo shibori silk, sterling silver
kumo shibori, copper bracelet
screenprinted kumo shibori silk, copper
kumo shibori ring
kumo shibori cotton, copper
Bound ring set
kumo shibori silk, copper